Launching ChoralPractice Premium on Jan 9th 2017

Get ChoralPractice Premium for 1 month for free!

Thank you for using ChoralPractice. We have now close to 10.000 international users, and still growing.

Since the launch of our service, we have been offering learning tracks to a limited number of works for free for all users.

But, we have been working hard ever since to improve our service, our technology and expanding our catalogue.

On January 9th 2017 we will launch ChoralPractice Premium, which will give you access to a wider range of works, in more genres.

As a special offer to our existing users we will give you access to ChoralPractice Premium for 2 months for free, when you sign up for ChoralPractice Premium.

ChoralPractice Premium service will of course be available on all platforms.

All for only €8.99 per Month 

ChoralPractice Free

You will still have the possibility to stay with us as a ChoralPractice Free member for no charge, but with access to a limited amount of works.