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Gunnar Wennerberg

Gunnar Wennerberg (1817 – 1901) was a Swedish poet, composer and politician. Most known for his work Gluntarne" (The Boys), thirty duets for baritone and bass

August Söderman

August Söderman (1832 – 1876) has traditionally been seen as the pre-eminent Swedish composer of the Romantic generation, known especially for his lieder and choral works, based on folk material, and for his theatre music, such as the incidental music to Svenskt festspel ("Swedish Festival Music").

Adolphe Adam

Adolphe Adam (1803 – 1856) was a French composer and music critic. A prolific composer of operas and ballets, he is best known today for his ballets, operas and his Christmas carol Minuit, chrétiens!, later set to different English lyrics and widely sung as "O Holy Night".

Inger Elise Reitan (arranger)

Arrangements by Inger Elise Reitan. Pianist, arranger and docent/professor in Aural Training at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Evert Taube

Evert Taube (1890–1976) was a Swedish author, artist, composer and singer. He is widely regarded as one of Sweden's most respected musicians and the foremost troubadour of the Swedish ballad tradition in the 20th century.

Carl Michael Bellman

Carl Michael Bellman (1740 – 1795) was a Swedish poet, songwriter, composer and performer. Bellman is a central figure in the Swedish song tradition and remains a powerful influence in Swedish music, as well as in Scandinavian literature, to this day.

Gustaf Nordqvist

Gustaf Nordqvist (1886 - 1949) Sweden was a Swedish composer, church musician and professor living in Stockholm. He is famous for writing music for the popular Christmas song "Jul, jul, strålande jul"

Waldemar Åhlén

Waldemar Åhlén (1894-1982) was a Swedish composer who worked a church organist, teacher, and composer. His compositions includes piano sonatas, organ works, choral music and is most famous for his beautiful summer hymn "Sommarpsalm" (The Earth Adorned)

Cornelis Vreeswijk

Cornelis Vreeswijk (1937 – 1987) was a singer-songwriter, poet and actor born in IJmuiden in the Netherlands. He is considered as one of the most influential and successful troubadours in Sweden.