WHAT IS CHORALPRACTICE? ChoralPractice is a service designed to help choral singers to learn their parts to some of the major choral works, using multi-track learning files synchronized with an animated sheet-music view where you can adjust the levels of each individual voice in real-time using a mixerpanel. ChoralPractice is available both as a web-player that runs in your browser and as iOS Apps in AppStore.

WHAT IS CHORAL FACTORY? Choral Factory is the access area for users who have custom-ordered learning tracks for their choir/project. For more info please contact us at support (at) choralpractice.com

ERROR MESSAGE “UNSUPPORTED URL” WHEN USING THE IPHONE-APP Updating your iPhone to the latest IOS will solve the problem. If not, please contact support@choralpratice.com

DOES CHORALPRACTICE RUN IN SAFARI? ChoralPractice will run in the Windows-version of the Safari browser, but we do not currently support the Mac browser, but we are working on the compability issues for this and hope to have solved this when Safari´s next update is made available from Apple. In the meantime we recommend that you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

WILL CHORALPRACTICE WORK ON MY TABLET? ChoralPractice´s Web Player will not work on a tablet or smartphone. However, we have an app for iPhone and iPad that can be downloaded for free from Apple App Store. Get ChoralPractice for iOS

ANDROID OR WINDOWS MOBILE? Sorry, we do not offer compability for Android or Windows mobile yet.

VIDEO AND AUDIO ARE NOT IN SYNC. ChoralPractice web-player is a HTML5 player, and it is important that your browser supports this format and that your browser is updated to the latest version to allow ChoralPractice to fully function. We recommend Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. Download Google Chrome Download Firefox